Vehicle inspection tools will drive the entire automotive industry vane.


2018-11-10 13:42:15

       The development of the automotive industry drives the development of other components of the automotive peripheral industry, especially the automotive inspection tools. It is a standardized auxiliary tool for automotive components. The industry of automotive molds and inspection tools has developed steadily. However, it is still a harsh fact for China's industrial manufacturing industry to import advanced technology and high-end products. Among them, 80% of the high-grade equipment imported, 90% of the CNC system imported, 65% of the instruments imported, China's industrial manufacturing industry self-rise is imminent. However, as a supporting industry, the automobile inspection industry has developed far beyond the mold industry. Because automobile inspection tools can be referenced, but high-end mold products are hard to find alternatives.

       Dongguan Xiangyu Automobile Equipment Co., Ltd. passed ISO 9001 certification in 2010, has a number of advanced mechanical processing equipment and testing equipment, the company's internal standard parts, there is an excellent team of R&D and manufacturing and quality control, has become the mainframe factory at home and abroad has been the most reliable automotive parts manufacturers. And excellent suppliers, with fast and complete processing capability.

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