Looking forward to the future, the company has broad prospects for development. As a business operator, we have a long way to go. Xiangyu automotive equipment will make full use of the core technology and market advantages, take the market as the guide, take technological innovation and product development as the means to actively promote the company's technological innovation, product innovation, management innovation; on the basis of existing business, constantly improve the technological content of products, optimize the industrial structure, open up new markets, and increase Strengthen the company's comprehensive strength and core competitiveness, to achieve the company's healthy, rapid and sustainable development, strive to become the world's first-class automotive inspection tools, fixture design and manufacturing and service providers.

       We will make arduous efforts to start a business, make great efforts to govern, pioneer and enterprising, for the development of China's automotive fittings industry, for the revitalization of China's national industry to make greater contributions.