Chongqing Yuanchen Auto Parts Co.,Ltd


2019-03-29 15:16:36

In September 2017, Chongqing Yuanchen Auto Parts Co., Ltd. began to prepare for the establishment, formally set up in October to start business, the company was established mainly to more convenient, rapid response to customer requirements in southwestern China, Chang'an Ford, Chang'an Automobile, Lifan Automobile, Mustang, Dongfeng Automobile and other car companies, to provide better The production and service of fixture products and fixture products, and maintain good communication and cooperation with customers. Chongqing Yuanchen team size of 55 people (design 8 people; three coordinates 8 people; machining 7 people; CNC10 people; post-processing 7 people, administrative 5 people) CNC machining center: 4; Three coordinates: 4 sets / milling machine 4 / grinder 2 / line cutting 3 sets.

Contact: Fan General

Contact number: 18580186033


Address: The 29th Building, CaiJia, GongGu, YingTian, Beibei District, ChongQing, China. 400700