What are the characteristics and advantages of flexible inspection tools compared with traditional fixtures?


2018-11-12 09:09:08

1) what are the characteristics and advantages of flexible inspection tools compared with traditional fixtures?

Flexible gauge has some special advantages that traditional gauge does not have, mainly including: a flexible gauge can measure different products (one-to-many or adjustable, save storage space, components can be reused), automatic measurement, automatic data recording, high measurement accuracy, not afraid of deformation (low maintenance cost) The development cycle is short.

2) can flexible inspection tools replace traditional inspection tools?

Flexible gauge is an important supplement to traditional gauge. In some occasions, such as small space and difficult to install probe, traditional gauge can only be used. Flexible fixture can not completely replace the traditional fixture.

3) how about the accuracy of flexible checking tools? How to guarantee it?

The accuracy of flexible fixture is guaranteed by the accuracy of the probe. Because the probe can be reset to zero, even if the accuracy of the fixture is low or deformed, as long as the probe is reset to zero, the system can compensate automatically, and will not affect the use.

4) what is the disadvantage of flexible fixture?

The flexible gauge uses a probe to measure errors, so the measuring points are discrete, while the traditional gauge is based on the reference surface and the measuring points are continuous. Flexible gauges are automatic measurements that require a stable power supply; traditional gauges are usually pure mechanical measurements, and generally do not require a power supply.

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