SUNYUU  Auto. Equiepment Co.,Ltd. is a supplier specilized in auto checkinng fixture and measuring support system  plan development manufacturer. Our company provide 10 Auto. brands from most countries and districs globally with innovation technology as well as product solution.  Besides, our teams provide the quality security of Auto.manufacturinng line to achiving automation intelligentalize and integration.


Coporate was established in 2007, which developed affiliated companies in Indonesia and  China Chongqing province . Dongguan factory has an area of over  10 thounsands sq.m, including more than 200 team members, and series of process and measuring machine , such as  Marza's five axes CNC process center , gantry CNC-largyHexagon,CMM-largy, which result in over 2000 sets equipment annually and 200 sets on average monthly.